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The Complete Guide to Baby Shower Games


Expecting a baby is indeed a very exciting and special time for every family. To celebrate the incoming arrival of a new addition to your family, you may decide to throw a baby shower party. Throwing a party however is not enough: you also have to put plans in place to make it exciting and memorable for everyone in attendance. Creating a theme, and preparing tasty meals is a nice way to start, but there is one more thing you shouldn’t omit from your plans. Baby shower games. Including baby shower games in your list of events for the occasion will generate a lot of fun and laughter for your guests, and keep them engaged.

To spice up your upcoming baby shower bash, we have compiled a list of some classic, and modern baby shower games to thrill your guests. Some of the games included in this list are quite popular in Australia so your guests should expect to enjoy their time out with your family. We’ve also included essential items needed for each game to aid your planning. Happy reading.

#1 Who is Who?

Items: Baby photos of guests, a poster board, pens and paper, removable tape.

How to play this game : Collect the baby pictures of your guests on or before the day of the shower party. Place them all on the poster board and have everybody determine who is who from the pictures.

#2 Like Grandma

Items: Pictures of paternal and maternal relatives, pens and paper, board, relatives, removable tape.

How to play this game: Collect the photographs of family members. To make the guessing game more tricky, make sure you include pictures of grand uncles, aunts and cousins. Number each picture and hang them on the poster board. Now have guests predict if the person they see on each picture is related to the expectant mom or dad. The guest with the most correct guesses, wins.

#3 How many?

Items: Diaper pins, Transparent baby bottle, clipboard, pen and paper for guests

How to play this game: Place all the diaper pins inside the baby bottle. Now have all the guest write down how many pins they think the bottle contains. The guest who comes close to the actual number without over estimating, wins the game.

#4 Do not Say That!

Items: Clothespins

How to play this game: Indicate three or more words that cannot be said during the course of the baby shower party. You are free to choose any word (You, take, look, maybe). Give every guest a clothespin before the party starts. Whoever uses any of the taboo words during the party will lose his or her clothespin to the person who caught them using the word. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins.  To make the game exciting, you may choose to award a price to the winner.

#5 Guess the Food

Items: Jarred baby food (10 flavors), plastic spoons, paper and pens

How to play this game: To begin, remove the labels on the baby food jars. Have each guest smell or taste the flavors from each jar to determine which flavor is in which. They can record their predictions on a paper as they move from one jar to the next. The winner will be the guest with the highest number of correct predictions.

#6 The Price is Right

Items: Pens and Paper

How this game is played: Create a list of all the items your baby will need. Your list may include common items like bib, baby bottles, diapers, baby wipes, napkins etc. Call out your guests one after the other, and have them write down what they think each item on the list sells for. After reeling out each item, have them add the figures together. The guest with a total closest to the actual value of the items should be declared winner.

#7 Guess the Item 1

Items: Different baby products in a bag

How to play this game: Gather as many different baby products as you can, and arrange them in a bag. Call each guest forward and ask them to guess the items in the bag without opening it. The guest with the most correct guesses wins.

#8 Guess the item 2

Items: Lettered brown paper bag, baby items that begin with a letter inscribed on each bag. Papers and pencils.

How to play this game: This particular game is simple and straightforward. Guests should be asked to guess the item in each lettered bag. Whoever provides the highest number of correct answers wins.

#9 Baby Bingo

Items: Markers, gifts and Bingo Cards

How to play this game: Give each guest a card with the names of baby items written on each card. As the expectant mother opens each gift, the guests tick their cards.  Whoever completed a row first wins the game.

# 10 Diaper Art

Items: Sharp markers, disposable diapers(unused)

How to play this game: Hand a disposal diaper to each guest. Have them write down “silly”, “sage” or “advice” on the diaper. Gather all the diapers and hand them back to the expectant mother. When the baby is born and mama needs to change a wet diaper in the dead of the night, she will have something to laugh about.

#11 Baby Animal Game

Items: Download the game online. Have pens at the ready

How to play this game: This game sheet has pictures of  animals in each column. And on the other side of the sheet are animal baby names. Hand the sheets to each guest and have them match the mama with the correct baby name. Whoever gets the most accurate match wins.

#12 Baby Shower Charades

Items: Slips of paper

How to play this game: Write down baby topics on all the slips of paper, then divide all the guests into teams. Let each team nominate an actor to represent them.  Hand the slips to the team actor, and let him act out what is written on the slips.

#13 Diaper Race

Items: Toilet Paper

How to play this game: Divide your guests into different groups of equal number, and hand each group a roll of toilet paper. Have each team at the ready. Once the signal is given to commence the diaper race, all the groups will speedily wrap a group member with the entire roll to form a diaper. The group that exhausts their roll first wins the contest.

#14 Mommy Tummy Measure

Items: Toilet paper rolls

How this game is played: Each guest should be made to guess the number of squares of toilet paper it will take to wrap the expectant mother’s pregnant belly. The guest with the closest accurate number wins.

#15 Trash Toss

Items: 5 diapers, 5 bin bags, a trash can, and a blindfold.

How this game is played: Fold a bin bag into each diaper to give it weight and form. Blindfold the guest and have him or her toss the bag into the trash can standing some few meters away.

#16 Who knows Mama Best?

Items: Pen and Paper

How this game is played: Scribble down a list of features such as hands, legs, ears, teeth, feet, eyes etc. Map out two columns for both to-be parents. The guests are to write down which individual trait mama wants the baby to have. Hers, or the baby’s father.

#17 Name that Tune

Items: A music Playlist with songs containing “baby”

How to play this game: Let your guests listen attentively as you play a few bars of a few songs containing the “baby” word. The guest who writes down the most correct answers of the performing artist wins the game.

#18 What is in the Purse?

Items: Pen and Paper for each guest

How to play this game: Read out a list of items while guests earn one point for every called out item they have in their bag, pocket or purse. Most point wins the contest.

#19 Alphabet Guess

Items: Pen and Paper for your guests

How to play this game: The expectant mother writes down baby items for each letter of the alphabet. Once she is done, all the guests in the house should write down items that they think she will like to acquire for the baby.

#20 Baby Face

Items: Photos of the expectant parents cut into strips, tape sufficient for each table.

How to play this game: Whose nose, hair, ears and eyes will the baby have? Let all the guest arrange their predictions of what they think the baby will look like using the parent’ pictures. Once they are done, the expectant mom should be made to pick the combination that appeals to her.

#21 My Water Broke!

Items: Frozen Miniature babies, Pre party Ice Cubes.

How to play this game: Ice beverages in a semi-solid state. Hand the beverages out to your guests in a plastic cup. The first guest to melt the ice, and retrieve the miniature baby in the cup will scream out loud, “my water broke”.

 #22 Diaper Change 1

Items: Cloth diaper, diaper pins, stop watch, blindfold, baby doll, table

How to play this game: Have mom and dads in the house change a diaper with their eyes closed without popping a balloon. The guest who is able to do it quickly wins the game.

#23 Diaper Change 2

Items: Diapers, Baby Dolls, powder, wipes, timer, table

How to play this game: Divide guests into groups. Each group member should attempt to remove the diaper from the baby doll, clean the bum, apply powder, apply a new diaper, hastily take the doll to another team member who will repeat the process. This should be done while the timer is still counting. The team that has every member successfully change a diaper wins.

#24 Nipples Bobbing

Items: A large tub filled with bottle nipples and water.

How to play this game: Just like when you bobbed for apples as a kid, this game is similar to that, albeit a grown up version. In the allotted time given, whoever snags the highest number of nipples with their mouth wins the game.

#25 Thirsty Baby

Items: One baby bottle filled with water or beverage for each guest, A Timer.

How to play this game: Guests drink as much as they can in one minute. Imagine the hilarity of having to watch full grown adults suck from a baby bottle? It promises to be fun.

#26 Name the Baby

Items: Pencil, Paper

How to play this game: With the pencils and paper issued to them, guests are to write down baby names starting with each letter of the alphabet. The first person to complete an A-Z list wins.

#27 Baby Rattle

Items : 2 Clean soda bottles, a small bag filled with gum balls given to each guest, duct tape.

How to play this game: Fill one of the bottles with the gum balls then attach both bottles to the neck of a contestant. The contestant is to flip the rattle upside down so that the balls are emptied from one bottle into another. Whoever completes this challenging task is declared winner.

#28 Stylish Baby (Or not)

Items: Laundry basket, baby clothes, timer

How to play this game: While the countdown begins, players attempt to put together a complete outfit from among the pile of clothes in the basket in one minute.  The more outfits they put together, the more points they score.

 #29 Stroller

Items: Baby doll, stroller, lawn chairs, yard statuary, traffic cones as obstacles, start and finish lines.

How to play this game : Each player is given a baby doll at the starting line. When the timer countdown begins, they must strap the baby doll to the stroller, and push the stroller to the finish line by avoiding the obstacle placed on their way. Hitting an obstacle attracts a 1-second penalty. If the doll falls out, the player is disqualified. The first person to reach the finish line wins.

 #30 Baby Jeopardy

Items: 25 answers written on a poster board in panels (5 columns and 5 rows). Tapes to cover the answers but revealing the amount of each item. Host keeps the answer sheet.

How it is played: Guests should be divided into 2 teams. Each team chooses squares to answer just like in a regular jeopardy game. The group with the highest points wins.

#31 Ask Momma

Items: Paper and Pencil

How it is played: Each contestant will write down a question they think a new mother might have. Questions may vary from health questions to daily care. Every contestant flips their card to conceal their question, and then pass it to the person next to them on the left. Without looking at the question each contestant has on the new card they are holding, they write down the answer to the question they had written down on their original card. Once everyone is done, each contestant will read out the question and answer on the card they are holding. Be prepared to laugh out loud on this one as you are bound to hear very funny answers.

 #32 Preggy Twister

Items: A Twister game, Wrist weight, pillows, wrist weights.

How it is played: Ask your guests to place weights on their fanny packs then strap the packs and a pillow round their waist. Now, they should be made to follow game rules.

#33 Spity Binky

Items: Sufficient binkies for all guests

How it is played: Whoever spits the binkies furthest wins

#34 Scramble

Items: Make a list of baby items, scramble letters in each chosen word, make copies for your guests

How it is played: In one minute, guest should unscramble the letters in each word.

#35 Straw Pick Up

Items: Straw or Chopsticks, timer, pacifiers

How it is played: Pick up as many pacifiers as you can in one minute.


Preparing for your baby shower party has just been made easier with this comprehensive list of 35 fun games. The items required to play these games are easy to obtain, and also very cheap. Depending on the time allotted for fun and games, you can pick a few or more games from this list and plan for them accordingly. Do note that some of these games are suitable for children, while some should only be played by adult guests. If you are going to have guests of all ages, you can go for options that suits everyone regardless of how old they are. The idea behind baby shower games is to keep your guests engaged in a fun filled atmosphere. While you prepare for the coming of your baby, give your friends and family something to laugh about. It will be worth it in the end.

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