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80s Costume Ideas


80’s Fashion Ideas 

Been invited to a 1980’s dress up party? Fancy attending a fancy dress party with a throwback to one of the best decades in living memory? Whether you’re going for a cheeky weekend away or just want to dress up in head to toe neon, when it comes to 80’s dress up ideas – we have you covered! The 80s was all about fun and frivolous behaviour so it’s important that your look matches this, especially if you’re heading to a party. We wanted to share with you some 80s costume ideas and some tips to ensure that your outfit ticks every box when it comes to creating the perfect 80s look.

Fancy a Wrestle?

When it comes to 80’s costume ideas – you have to consider going as a wrestler. Wrestling was big business in the 1980s with their bright coloured bodysuits and swift moves, everyone wanted a piece. Consider what you’re going to do with your hair, get some comfortable shoes and then go into full Hulk Hogan mode with a wrestling belt and arm and leg cuffs. It’s a great costume for warm weather as you have the option to have plenty of skin on show. Just remember, once you enter the ring you want everyone to see you as a winner.

Full On Party Gear

No 80’s dress up ideas list is complete without a throwback to a 1980s night out. The 80s was all about having fun – big hair, bold makeup, bright clothing and leg warmers; you can’t forget the leg warmers. Attending a party like an extra from Fame with a head and sweatband set will also help you really look the part. Fancy going all out – a headband with a large bow and a tutu skirt is the ultimate look for creating an 80s look. If you feel like you’re dressed to do a workout then you probably have the look perfected. Shiny leggings, leotards and sweatbands really were the ultimate night out look for anyone looking for a good time in the ’80s

Your Favourite 1980’s Celebrity

You can easily take inspiration from some celebrities from the 1980s, after all – there were plenty of them. Get some massive trousers and a gold chain and be MC Hammer or the infamous Choose Love t-shirt and go as George Michael. If you’re feeling energetic then Mr Motivator in a workout costume is always a popular choice too. Freddie Mercury, Prince – you could even don a white suit and go as the lead character from Top Gun. On that note, there are plenty of films you could take inspiration from – maybe you want to go as one of the Pink Ladies or perhaps a T-Bird, the choices are endless.

What About a Shell Suit?

You simply can’t talk about 1980s fashion with a little nod to the shell suit, which was massively popular throughout the whole decade. When it comes to 80’s costume ideas and shopping for fancy dress in Perth, there are loads of different shell suits to choose from. This means whether you’re looking for women’s dress up ideas or men’s 80’s dress up ideas, there will be something to suit you. In fact, if you’re going to a party as a couple it can be a great way to coordinate outfits, especially if you’re looking for a costume idea that doesn’t break the bank.  You might get a bit warm so feel free to finish it off with some sweatbands, ideally one that clashes with your shell suit!

It’s All About The Colour

One thing that has to be taken into consideration when considering 80’s dress up ideas is colour – the 80’s was all about colour, in every way possible. A clash of colour and a range of neon colours work best but really any bright colour and patterns work well. This meant layering different colours over one another – a string vest works perfectly or adding things like leg warmers and sweatbands to costumes. There is nothing minimalist about the fashion choices in the 1980’s so make sure you take this into account when creating your party look. A mixture of colours and patterns is the perfect way to create the ultimate 1980s fancy dress party look.

Don’t Forget To Accessorise

As well as plenty of colour, you want to make sure that you have plenty of accessories- with the 80s no much was ever really too much. Fancy some massively oversized party glasses? Feel like you should team that up with some rainbow tassel earrings? Absolutely perfect! Don’t worry that bright pink and neon green don’t seem like colours you would usually team together – a clash of colours is a perfect nod to the 80s. Beads, bangles, headbands, necklaces, wristbands – go for it all!

Big Hair

It isn’t just the big colour and patterns they went for, their hair certainly kept up with the trend. When you think of hair and 80s dress up ideas you probably think of big, blonde, long hair and you wouldn’t be wrong. There are loads of 80s fancy dress wigs that let you know those 80s locks without having to dye and style your own hair, perfect.

You’ll Need Some Props

We have all seen scenes in movies from the 80s and there is nearly always someone with a boombox. You probably don’t want to carry a stereo around on your shoulder all night but you could create the look by creating an inflatable boom box. What about a skateboard? A massive inflatable retro mobile phone? There are so many phone props you can add to complete your outfit

The great thing about 80’s costume ideas is that there is so much to choose from. You might even be able to dig out some items from your wardrobe that you can make work or snap up some items from a thrift store. You can make your life really easy by picking up a whole outfit from a fancy dress store in Perth and know that you’re ticking all the boxes when it comes to the ultimate 80’s fancy dress costume.

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