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Canning Vale Megastore OPEN Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 9am-4pm


Mine your way to our gold party supplies in Perth! Gold represents wealth, sophistication and, in our world, a fantastic color for party decorations and supplies. You can use our gold party supplies for high-end events, such as graduation parties. But you can also use them for sporting events and, if your favorite team has gold in for its team color, these party supplies are perfect for you. These gold-colored party supplies also make a great addition to Egyptian-themed parties – think royalty and Cleopatra! Pair these gold party supplies with our silver party supplies for a super metallic-themed party that’s out of this world. From utensils to centerpieces, we have a ton of gold-clad items for you to use as your party supplies and decorations. If you need gold-colored party products in larger quantities, let us know by calling us at 08 6180 3895.

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$ Sign Confetti (28.35g)


Gold Hearts Table Roll 30m


Gold Streamer Crepe(30m)


Gold Fork Pkt 25


Gold Streamer P4


Shim Gold Streamer P4


Gold Foil Balloon Weight