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Ocean Party Party Supplies Perth

Are your kids Finding Nemo fans, or just general lovers of underwater wonders? Take Perth down to the deep blue with our ocean themed birthday party supplies! Immerse yourself and your kids in the aquatic wonders under the ocean and celebrate the abundant and exciting marine life nature has to offer. You can make things even more interesting; dress up as a playful little dolphin, or a big scary shark. Become a cute little clown fish or maybe something a little different like a wise old sea turtle or a giant squid. Make things a little fantastical for the little girls and bring some beautiful mermaids to Perth. Our colorful depictions of the underwater wealth of nature are sure to spark the interest of the young mind and make it a fun and exciting experience at the same time. So place your order online now, or just swim on down to our physical store in Perth to get the full affect, and give your kids the most memorable birthday bash ever!

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Mermaid Props - Pk16*


30% OFF RRP $16.99

Marine Life Props - Pk 16


Shark Cutouts - Pk3


Undersea Backdrop (1.2m x 9.1m)


30% OFF RRP $37.99