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Halloween Costumes Perth

This Halloween Perth is going to be zombie-land with Party Source’s chilling Halloween costumes! With all the most popular costumes and props, you can go as any number of your favorite gory characters. Try a Grim Reaper personification to scare the living lights out of all your friends, literally, or walk around town in scary zombie mode with an unquenchable hunger for flesh. Get stabbed by an imaginary serial killer and squirt blood all over your clothes, or rise out of your coffin as a pale-faced vampire ready to attack. Party source has all you need to give you any look you want with the most realistic and convincing props and costumes ever! Grab your broom and fly into our physical store in Perth to see for yourself. 

Drop into one of our Canning Vale superstore to see our full range of Halloween Costumes, Wigs, Makeup & Accessories!

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Demon Horns Headband


Half Mask - Demi-masque


Vampiress Burlesque Tutu


37.5Cm Evil Skull Knife


45X23Cm Bat Wings


70cm Medieval Mace


70s Disco Honey


85cm Chained Axe


Adult Carnival Lady Costume


Adult Devil


Adult Gangster Costume


Adult Grim Reaper


Adult Priest Costume - XL


Adult Prisoner Lady Costume


Adult Witch Costume


Adult Zombie Priest Costume


Alice Costume


Arab Sheik (Deluxe) Costume


Army Soldier Costume


Assorted Gory Scar Sleeves


Axe In The Head Prop


Betty Blue Flapper Costume


Black Adult Flapper - Large


Black Hooded Vampire Cape


Black Instant Cat Set


Black Witches Hat


Bleeding Monster Masks


Bloody Arm Gloves


Bloody Axe


Bloody Bald Cap


Bloody Bandage - Arm


Bloody Bandage - Leg


Bloody Blade Glove


Bloody Bowtie


Bloody Chainsaw


Bloody Dress Costume


Bloody Gloves


Bloody Gloves


Bloody Gorilla Mask & Wig


Bloody Handprints Cups


Bloody Necktie


Bloody Suspenders


Broken Bone Scar


Buccaneer Captain


Bugging Out Costume


Cannibal Mask


Checkers The Clown Costume


Children's Black Hooded Robe


Chilli Pepper Costume Red Hot


Chopped Off Hand


Clown On The Town Costume


Cobra Staff


Cutest Costume Award Ribbon


Dark Little Girl Dress


Death Robe Costume