Lime Green Party Supplies

Bring the color of balance, harmony and growth to Perth with the delicious rich hues of our lime green party supplies! Whether you want to have a lime green birthday party, or celebrate nature with your tree-hugger friends, Party Source will make sure you eat, drink and revel in green. Dress up as a leprechaun and bring some luck to Perth on St Patrick’s Day with a lime green themed fiesta, or maybe become Hulk and spread the green love at your son’s next birthday bash. Whatever your needs, our lime green party supplies will freshen up any space, and you can combine them with a yellow or red theme to make things even more festive. Lime green party supplies are perfect for any kind of occasion; the color is uplifting, positive, fun, bright and youthful, and looks cool on just about anyone. So call us at 08 6180 3895 to place your order and go green now!

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