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7 Simple Steps for a Super Baby Shower


Congrats mum-to-be, great to know you’ve got a baby on the way. Hurray! Now, isn’t this one big reason to rejoice … one bigger reason to throw a big baby shower bash for your family and mates? Well, if a party is precisely what you’ve planned, here are a few important things to do well before that stalk delivers your new, little bundle of joy – girl or boy!

Plan Your Budget

Whether you want your baby shower celebration to be a small intimate and informal family affair, or wish to go the whole hog and make it an extravagant formal event, you’ll still need to budget for costs of appropriate baby shower decorations and accessories, catering, lighting/sound hire, and more. Fortunately, big online party product players market extensive collections of baby shower paraphernalia, and with individual prices, special offers and other relevant information featured on their sites, planning a baby shower budget is a breeze. 

Finalize The Date

If you’re organizing the baby shower party on your own, or your better half, relatives, mates or co-workers are throwing one for you, either way, getting the date and time right is a must. Therefore, decide on a day that’s convenient to everybody and, more importantly, at a time that’s comfortable for you. Obviously, a weekend baby shower would be ideal, but if there’s a holiday ahead, you could consider it, too. However, you should know that a majority of shower parties are planned around the 7th month of pregnancy when expectant mums like you still enjoy normal comfort levels.   

Choose A Venue

Your living room or backyard may suffice for a limited number of guests, besides presenting a more informal and homely ambience to guests. What’s more, you’ll also save a lot on hiring an external venue. On the other hand (budget permitting) a centrally-located hotel or restaurant would be ideal for a bigger invitee list, giving you or your hosts the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the shower, without the hassle of setting up, catering and cleaning up after the show.  

Prepare The Guest List

The number of guests you wish to invite is up to you, but will depend on what your pocket permits. To prepare the guest list, your telephone or address book is a reliable place to start. Once you’ve finalized the list, make sure you have current residential addresses of all invitees before mailing the baby shower invitations. Of course, it would help to mail the invites at least a month in advance of the shower. This way guests will have enough time to keep the date and time free, confirm attendance or inability to do so, purchase presents and, if necessary, hire someone to look after their little ones.

Decorate The Venue


The right choice of decorations helps to create eye-catching baby shower ambience to match the occasion. Start by choosing cute baby-themed shower invitations, and if you already know whether it’s a boy or girl, go for printed pastel blue or pink-coloured invites as applicable. Display eye catching, themed shower party banners on your front door and across the venue along with bunches of pink or blue foil balloons; cover tables with decorative baby shower plastic table covers, placing matching napkins on each; To accentuate the baby shower atmosphere, hang little pink or blue baby shower bottles, pacifiers and rattles all around the venue. Do something different, like covering the floor or backyard lawn with generous amounts of pink/blue shower party confetti.

Animate The Atmosphere

Apart from drinking, dancing and eating, Simple shower party activities in-between, like games, group photo sessions or gift-opening will greatly add to the fun, enliven the atmosphere and, most importantly, entertain guests, keep them involved and in good humour.

Present Take-Home Gifts

Small, inexpensive gifts, preferably those that go with your party theme, are ideal take-home gifts for guests. Besides acting as shower party souvenirs, these gifts are a great way to thank guests for attending your shower. Depending on your party theme and budget, some simple gifts may include music CDs, scented candles and soaps, small chocolate or candy boxes, paper weights, magnetic photo frames, etc.        

Have loads of fun for your baby shower dear mum-to-be, take care, and congrats again.      

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