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Hats & Masks

Need something to complete your costume outfit? Top yourself off with a hat or mask from our collection! We have a wide selection of great hats and masks to help you add those last finishing touches to your costume. Don’t leave for any event without a special accessory to match your costume! If you want to think out of the box, you can mix and match your costume with a hat or mask that doesn’t match at all. Pair one of our hats and masks with a wig or one of our costumes. You’ll also find paper party hats in Perth for birthday parties and other celebrations in our collection. If you want to order over the phone, you can contact us at 08 6180 3895 and pick up your order at our physical party store in Perth.

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Red Devil Wig with Horns


Black Beret


Gangster Hat White


Special Police Hat


49cm Palm Leaf Mexican Hat


Al Capone Hat


Animal Print Mask


Asian Conical Hat


Black sombrero head band


Black Sombrero Straw Hat


Blue Stripe Sailor's Hat


Bowler Hat


Bunny Nose on Elastic


Butterfly Mask


Children's Bear Eyemask


Children's Deer Eyemask


Children's Fox Eyemask


Children's Lion Headpiece


Children's Monkey Eyemask


Children's Mouse Eyemask


Children's Panda Eyemask


Children's Raccoon Eyemask


Childs Plastic Fireman Hat


Chimp Mask, Full Overhead


Diamante Masquerade Mask


Diamonte Mask


Disappearing Man Hood - Red


Disco Sequin Fedora - Asst


Fez Hat


Fireman Hat - Red


Gangster Hat - Black/ White


Gas Mask


Genie Hat with feather


Gold Mask With Ties


Hawaiian Fedora


Indian Headdress


King's Crown Deluxe Plush


Kings Crown Hat


Lace Mask - Asst Colours


Lace Square Mask


Lion Mask With Fur


Majestic Crown - 22in


Masquerade Mask & Moustache


Military Camo Helmet


Monkey Mask With Fur


Monster Mask


Multicoloured Feather Mask


Neon Fabric Party Fedora


Party Face Masks - Set of 6


Party Masks - Pk 4


Pilot's Hat


Plastic Animal Mask-Bear


Plastic Animal Mask-Fox


Plastic Animal Mask-Giraffe


Plastic Animal Mask-Zebra


Poker Visor


Police Lady Hat


Prisoner Cap